International Human Rights Film Festival

Bangalore Film Society was the South India coordinator of Tri-continental Film Festival “Human Rights in Frames from 2007 to 2009 initiated by Breakthrough a New Delhi based NGO. An average 6000 people used to attend this festival in Bangalore in three days and the event had become very popular. Apart from this, we used to take these films to academic institutions as well film societies in all Southern States. However, the tri-continental film festival closed after 2009 and at present to the best of my knowledge we don’t have a human rights film festival of that magnitude.

In the present Indian context, it is imperative to start an International Human Rights Traveling film

Festival. Which would be modeled just like Voices from the Waters International Traveling Film Festival. We propose to start this from December 10th International human rights day 2017 for three to four days and organize a conference on freedom of speech and the right to dissent at the end of the programme. The films selected will address major international human rights concerns such as refugees, LGBT sexuality, boarders, women, political conflicts, war crimes, communal conflicts, child labour/abuse and so on. It is conceived in a big way drawing in all the internationally acclaimed human rights activists from India as well as grass root level activists to create a big impact. Once the festival is over these films will be circulated for screenings in educational institutions, media institutions and film societies across India. The purpose of the festival is to open up and deepen socio-political spaces for the minorities and the marginalized in our society as well as to sustain our plurality and cultural diversity.