International Indigenous Film Festival

Indigenous cosmologies across the world provide us with an earth centric world view where the humans are just part of the ecosystem unlike the evolutionary conception where the humans take the primary position which is the root cause of the major problems facing the planet.  The modern development paradigm across the globe has made the lives of the indigenous and the marginalized extremely vulnerable as the multinational corporations encroached upon their wealth and subsistence economies. Unlike the indigenous and the marginalized cultures and people, modern economies are driven by a constant urge to accumulate wealth, goods and services. Wealth cannot be created from a vacuum but by plundering the natural resources in the possession of the indigenous people. The mega development projects such as construction of mega dams, mining, creation of special economic zones and construction of roads have displaced millions of people across India and worldwide. To understand and locate our society in the present international context, it is also very important to grasp the deep conflict of interests and the poverty ‘development’ creates. While there are few pockets of unimaginable wealth, there is also abysmal poverty all-around.    We see it in our surroundings but are oblivious of it as it is an integral part of our capacity. This film festival aims to sensitize the participants to the ground realities for a balanced view of things and contribute to the society for its positive transformations. We titled it as ‘transitions’ not only to take into account the loss of the marginalized, but also to affirm the communities resilience to cope with the situation and transform and chronicle their histories and culture to live with hope for the future.

This festival will be organized at a venue where we could exhibit the arts/craft/literature and food of the indigenous communities along with round tables on the present and future of these communities as well as the necessary transitions we ourselves should make to sustain our planet.