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Bangalore Film Society is a collective of cineastes who explore through the medium of cinema, cultural politics and how it impacts and shapes the modern cultural practices, politics and social behaviour. Towards this, we organize regular film screenings and discussions on feature and documentary films from across the globe as well as organise film festivals and conferences on specific themes such as human rights, women’s rights, indigenous peoples rights, refugees, migration and displacement, water and environment, farming and food, and so on. Through these programs we attempt to connect the participants with cultural histories of ideas and desires of social transformations, contentious socio-cultural-political issues of our times as well as provide entertainment and aesthetic experience.

The Elephant and the Ant: Story of a Republic

Aane Matthu Iruve: Story of a Republic

Film Festival and Panel Discussions

19th Oct to 21st Oct 2022

At St. Joseph’s University Auditorium, #36, Langford Road, Shanti Nagar, Bengaluru

Organised by Bangalore Film Society (BFS) in Collaboration with Pedestrian Pictures, St. Joseph’s College and Gamana Women’s Collective.


Other upcoming film festivals

Upcoming Film Festival

Voices from the Waters - 2022

The largest International Traveling Film Festival on Water and Environment

Voices from the Waters is the only film festival in the world which over the last ten years has been bringing together people’s tireless efforts across the world to conserve and understand water in manifold ways. The festival will also bring out the quintessential yearning of the humans – to be integrated into nature…

call for entries to be announced soonpromo will be available soon >>

“ Screenings were so much fun for all of my friends and family. ”

Diana KH

Film Expert

“ I appreciate the curation of films at your weekly screenings ! ”

Francis Xavier

Film Expert

“ Everything is great about BFS, we liked it. Adding more of my friends as members”


Film Expert

“ My weekends turn happy with BFS screenings. Thank you so much! ”


Film Expert

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