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Bangalore Film Society

Bangalore Film Society is a collective of cineastes who explore through the medium of cinema, cultural politics and how it impacts and shapes the modern cultural practices, politics and social behaviour. Towards this, we organize regular film screenings and discussions on feature and documentary films from across the globe as well as organise film festivals and conferences on specific themes such as human rights, women’s rights, indigenous peoples rights, refugees, migration and displacement, water and environment, farming and food, and so on. Through these programs we attempt to connect the participants with cultural histories of ideas and desires of social transformations, contentious socio-cultural-political issues of our times as well as provide entertainment and aesthetic experience.

The Society is a nonprofit socio-cultural organization registered under the Registrar of Society’s Act Karnataka, 1960. It is affiliated to the Federation of Film Societies of India and is exempted from entertainment tax by the Commissioner of Commercial Taxes Karnataka. The medium of film is the most effective tool to create awareness about social political and cultural issues cutting across class, gender and literacy as it communicate with participants directly through image and sound.

The Critique

Today the mainstream media (print and electronic) is completely controlled by huge multinational corporations across the globe to plunder the natural resources to enhance their profits at the cost of environmental destruction, wars and related dehumanization of cultures and civilizations. As a response to these overwhelming media control on people’s lives and its ability to distort the facts, alternative media practices began to emerge in India from the mid-seventies primarily through the efforts of independent documentary film makers who started focusing their works on neglected social, cultural and political issues there by broadening the spaces for dissent which is central to the idea and practice of democracy. We propose to bring together the international efforts of alternative media by networking with individuals and institutions to add to the existing efforts to create a sustainable economic and a pluralistic political vision for our planet.


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