Other ongoing activities:-

  1. Regular film screenings and interactive discussions with college students on diverse issues such as caste, communalism, water, environment and women, in high schools and colleges in Bangalore.
  2. Periodic lectures and conferences on cinema.
  3. Documentary and feature film screenings with the film directors present
  4. Short film festivals to be curated for aspiring college students
  5. Publications on film
  6. Documentary Film production as and when it is feasible.
  7. Establishing a Digital post production facility:

Technology has made it possible for vast number of youngsters to try their hands at film making. We have been organizing short film festivals of self made young film makers and organize critical evaluation of their works. We will be offering technical training in film making to youngsters from low income groups and vulnerable communities. To make the whole process more effective we plan to set up a moderate post production resource center which will cater to the students trained by us as well as other documentary film makers.


To sustain, consolidate and further develop all these initiative we need $50,000 per annum We look forward to your support to raise this money

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