Jacaranda Tales – Film Festival

A Film Festival on Women and Nature


09 – 18th APRIL 2022, AT DOCULIVE.IN

Online edition of Jacaranda Tales – A Film Festival on Women and Nature. This festival was hosted in person at Gandhi Bhavan Auditorium, Kumara Park East, Bengaluru from 23rd March to 26th March 2022.

Organised by

Bangalore Film Society (BFS) in collaboration with
Bengaluru Sustainibility Forum, Karnataka Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi, Gamana Women’s Collective, Gram Seva Sangh, G Foundation for Art and Culture and Kriti Film Club.

About the Film Festival


As if ushering in the International Women’s Day (IWD) in March, the Jacaranda trees paint the Bangalore skies purple, a colour that feminists have historically used to represent the Women’s Liberation movement and more recently, the IWD. Jacaranda Tales is a celebration of women’s symbiotic relationship with nature, recognising their often-overlooked contributions to the nurturing of the environment.

Across generations, women have stood up to conserve and protect the environment, often putting themselves at risk. They have led and participated in several movements across cultures and geographies. Despite their significant role, they continue to remain marginalised and vulnerable in the face of multiple challenges that the current and future scenarios present. This film festival is an attempt at showcasing some of these lesser-known stories in India and elsewhere.

Holding it in the month of March gives us an opportunity to express solidarity with International Women’s Day celebrations across the world. In the present context of increasingly brutalised patriarchies and deepening divides of caste, class and religion, it is critical to strengthen women’s aspirations by highlighting their stories of resilience, compassion and hope with women in the forefront.

For the past two years, we have been grappling to find and adjust to new norms and new ways of living. Welcoming the shift from virtual to the real, it will be held in the Gandhi Bhavan auditorium, following COVID-19 protocols. 

With the receding of the pandemic, as we welcome life returning to familiar ways of inhabiting, the departures we had to undergo held a mirror to the environmental and economic challenges that endangered lives and livelihoods. It also laid bare the harsh realities of privileges and vulnerabilities of different communities. The pandemic not only altered our relationship with each other but also with nature and the environment at large. We hope this film festival would further help us in recognising these fissures and contribute to the narratives needed in the current situation of a changing climate that urgently demands attention. 

The medium of the film will help in creating awareness about environmental issues cutting across class, gender, and literacy as it communicates with participants directly through image and sound. Through panel discussions with eminent environmentalists and filmmakers, we aim to bring together women leading these efforts and get insights into their extraordinary lives and struggles.

The event will be non-commercial and non-ticketed to ensure the inclusive participation of people from all classes and geographies. Over a span of four days, we aim to reach at least 2,500 participants.

Schedule for the offline Film Festival


Bangalore Film Society (BFS) is a nonprofit organisation consisting of cineastes who explore cultural politics through the medium of cinema and how cinema impacts and shapes modern cultural practices, politics and social behaviour. BFS has been organising film screenings and discussions on feature and documentary films and also has been proactively curating film festivals and conducting conferences on various themes for the past 40 years.

Bengaluru Sustainability Forum is an inter-institutional collaborative initiative to reflect on issues of urban and peri-urban sustainability, with a focus on Bengaluru. It aims to explore sustainability questions in the local context through interdisciplinary conversations and collaborations involving the city’s expertise and different stakeholders, including the public, researchers, professionals, start-ups and governance.

Gamana Women’s Collective: Gamana from the word meaning journey or departure (Hindi) and also mindfulness (Kannada) is an informal women’s collective working through SIEDS that seeks to deepen those areas of community interventions, campaigns, training and institutional solidarities that many of its members have been involved with for decades as part of the autonomous women’s movement.

Karnataka Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi is an autonomous state body for furthering the objective of perpetuating the memory and message of Gandhiji to the coming generation. It has housed within its premises various Gandhian constructive institutions such as Karnataka Sarvodaya Mandal, the Sarvodaya Sahithya Samithi, the Harijan Sevak Sangh. This festival will be hosted in Gandhi Bhavan, Bangalore.

Gram Seva Sangh is a group of like-minded individuals willing to participate in dialogues and activities that intend to bridge the widening gap that exists between the cities and villages. It aims to connect conscious city-dwellers with rural artisans with the intention of providing learning for the former and a market for the latter.

G Foundation for Art and Culture is a public trust created to promote visual and fine arts by organising cultural events, talks, workshops, documentaries and films. It intends to create social and environmental education and awareness through films and documentaries. The aim is to encourage young documentary / short-film makers by creating a platform to show their works.

Kriti Film Club is an initiative of KRITI, a development praxis and communication team, a not-for-profit entity, based in New Delhi, with work across India. They have been screening documentary films at least once a month since the year 2000 on a range of issues connected with development, human rights and social attitudes/ trends.



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